Top 10 sexiest women names

Since then, Vanessa has been adopted as the name of a genus of butterfly. There, Erin as a given name derives from a place of the same name, and means 'green water'. It makes sense, though. Funny how these things turn out! Amazingly, the 'Jennifer' version of the name didn't become popular until the twentieth century! The name implies passion, drama, and romance. The name helps to shape the character. Both play a sport in Australia called netball.

Top 10 sexiest women names

However, that's easily overcome when her sassy side comes out! There's a whole host of irresistible Emmas in the celebrity world! In the Old Testament, Sarah was the wife of Abraham. If there are any Jennifers out there, you're in darn good company. The name translates as "enchantress" and "fair one", which is pretty high praise, let's be honest. With regal credentials like that, how could anyone resist a Julia? Probably the place that people attach meaning to names the most is with sex and beauty. It's this fiery personality that makes Sasha such an irresistible name for a lot of men. Let's stay in the UK for Alexa Goddard, a blonde-haired pop sensation with the face of an angel. When the WWE got a beautiful blonde with a great body in the developmental program, they knew exactly what to call her: She's irresistible to a lot of the men she meets - clearly, Emmas had a reputation for their beauty even in the s! Since then, though, it's become pretty common - especially among attractive people, according to this Redditor! I speak from experience" Well, this Redditor clearly has some interesting stories about a Jennifer he dated! The name helps to shape the character. There, Erin as a given name derives from a place of the same name, and means 'green water'. Especially if they're freckly redheads! That title goes to former adult star turned mainstream actress Sasha Grey. It's more commonly used as a given name in England and the U. We offer Scarlett, the hottie butt-kicker from GI Joe. First, the beauty queens: That's despite the not-so-complimentary description behind the name's origins. It depends who you ask. If you're a Paige, you have a lot to be proud of! This has helped it to gain pretty yet flighty connotations. What about first names vs. A girl named Jennifer could pick from around 50 different adjectives depending upon which source she chooses.

Top 10 sexiest women names

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  1. Let's stay in the UK for Alexa Goddard, a blonde-haired pop sensation with the face of an angel.

  2. First, is actress Brooke Shields, whose controversial movies and advertising in the late s made her a household name.

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