Malawi sex trade

Miriam, not her real name , who plys her trade at Manase, one of the outskirt locations in Blantyre, said that it was not that all the girls in the profession were happy to be in the trade. This past year, it provided technical and coordination assistance to NGOs and helped set project guidelines. The Malawi Defense Force provided training on human rights, child protection, and the elimination of sexual exploitation to its nationals deployed abroad as part of peacekeeping missions. The unnecessary arrests of sex workers stopped. Scope of sex work in Malawi Malawi has an estimated 20, sex workers, representing 0. In Dedza district, police rescued 14 Malawian and 10 Mozambican child victims of labor trafficking. They were taken to a hospital and forcibly given HIV tests. In , the Magistrate's Court in the district of Mchinji on the Zambian border prosecuted five trafficking offenders on criminal charges and convicted four. This figure, however, is significantly lower than estimates from other studies in Eastern Africa.

Malawi sex trade

Requests to work with other governments are handled on an ad hoc, informal basis, especially between district officials in Mchinji and officials across the Zambian border. For a group that is used to being marginalized when it comes to their sexual and reproductive health, being able to access health services represents a major step forward. The main focus of the project is to make the community aware of sex-worker rights. This leaves them vulnerable to becoming infected with and transmitting STIs. Dressed in seductive attire to attract the attention of their clients, these young women do not leave the streets until they have found a client to spend the night with. This past year, it provided technical and coordination assistance to NGOs and helped set project guidelines. Our job is risky and we have to fight a lot of challenges, including men who offer more money in exchange for unprotected sex. Malawi, just like many other countries in Africa, criminalises sex work. In , the Magistrate's Court in the district of Mchinji on the Zambian border prosecuted five trafficking offenders on criminal charges and convicted four. Human trafficking in Malawi Malawi is a source country for women, and children subjected to sex trafficking. Without any legal machinery to regulate the profession, this group of young people is very vulnerable. Like Miriam, Juliet, another sex worker from Mbayani in Blantyre, said she was orphaned at a very young age and without proper parental care she ended up in the profession. They are able to seek medical assistance at the hospital and get treatment for STIs and other ailments. Uneven levels of expertise and inadequate inter-agency coordination at national and district levels interfered with the effectiveness of these committees in preventing child trafficking. Government personnel sustained partnerships with NGOs to connect their local programs with government labor inspectors, child protection officers, district social welfare officers, the police, and district child protection committees. The road leading towards Zambia came to be known as mtengamahule conveyor of prostitutes. However, this is not the only face of prostitution in the city. An inter-ministerial task force on human trafficking, led by the Ministry of Gender, Child Development and Community Development, forged a partnership with international organizations and NGOs and began drafting a national plan of action which is not yet complete. Traffickers, primarily facilitators or brothel owners, typically lure children from their families in rural areas under pretences of employment opportunities, clothing, or lodging for which they are sometimes charged exorbitant fees, resulting in prostitution coerced through debts. Once arrested, they are charged with minor infractions such as being found Idle and Disorderly, or Rogue and Vagabond — crimes that generally do not attract severe punishment. The police have helped them significantly. Chanika says the number of girls using sex work as a profession is alarming, and it undermines Malawi government policies to protect women and children, especially the girl child. They do not sleep at all. These units provided limited counseling and, in some places, temporary shelter, though the capacity to identify and assist victims varied greatly among stations. An investigation by Mywage Malawi in the cities of Blantyre and Lilongwe discovered that the dynamics of sex work include poverty, and even a form of peer pressure. In the adult prevalence rate was 9.

Malawi sex trade

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  1. And while HIV and AIDS continues to be a major health challenge in Malawi and other sub-Saharan countries, these young women need to be given special attention to protect themselves from the pandemic. However, the result of such arrests is that sex workers attempt to remain undetected and in so doing, fail to access health services.

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