How to build a sex dungeon

Although any wall color will do, grey, black and red are popular colors. The Saint Andrew's Cross, a large X-shaped support with restraints for the wrists and ankles, is often a dungeon staple. Having hangers for all of these various toys and devices can be handy not only for storage purposes, but they will also serve a very practical and health related purpose as well. If you are a fan of 50 shades of Grey, pretty sure you have fantasized about having your own Red Room. Chairs fitted with restraints, tables and sexual machines can also prove useful.

How to build a sex dungeon

Blue, greens, and purple may be a subtler color for your playroom. The Saint Andrew's Cross, a large X-shaped support with restraints for the wrists and ankles, is often a dungeon staple. While binding via rope knots and hitches, spanking and hitting, and general submission activities are some of the more standard practices, there are certainly those BDSM activities that are less conventional in their nature. This may be your basement, but a spare bedroom works just as well. Having fixed hangers on the walls of your BDSM home dungeon can serve as a convenient and highly practical way of storing all of the floggers, whips, gags, masks, and other types of basic BDSM toys that many enthusiasts use on a regular basis. Choose decorations to enhance the BDSM theme. Some equipment that is made of leather must be stored in a wardrobe to avoid them from drying up quickly. For example, some BDSM home dungeon builders will decide to use objects like pet kennels or cages in their home dungeon area, since these objects can be cheap ways of obtaining creative and fun restraint mediums. For example, whips and other toys made out of leather will tend to dry out much faster if they are left in the open air after use. One of the first things to determine when beginning to set up your own BDSM home play area, is the exact room or location in which you plan to have your BDSM home dungeon. The color scheme is then set after deciding your theme. Examples of different themes could be a medical room, a chamber prison etc. There are many different tips and suggestions to consider when preparing to build your own BDSM home dungeon, and some of these helpful bits of information will now be introduced. Erotic bondage photography on the walls is also a good idea to create a sexy, yet sinister aura of which even the Marquis de Sade would approve. Choose and place the furniture needed for play sessions. Once the equipment and aesthetic themes for a home BDSM dungeon have been established and put into place, it is time to think about what kind of BDSM toys, if any, you would like to store and feature in your personal BDSM dungeon. Every BDSM enthusiast tends to have different preferences pertaining to the different types of activities available out there, and therefore certain BDSM furniture and utility items are going to be more relevant for different people and interests. While these do tend to be the most often used colors in BDSM home dungeons, they are only a basic suggestion and a relative starting point for brainstorming processes. Creating Your Own Dungeon: Every item of your furniture does not have to be functional; some items may be purely for show. Just create a space that suits your own brand of kink, budget and lifestyle. There are no hard and fast rules to creating a dungeon. Although any wall color will do, grey, black and red are popular colors. Whether you are less dominant and use toys like a paddle, anal beads, a whip etc or you are a hardcore dominant and use toys such as canes, strap-ons, mouth gags, floggers etc. Often times, BDSM enthusiasts will opt to use a lot of blacks and reds when designing their home dungeon themes, since these colors convey the kind of dark energy that is often being expressed in different BDSM activities and practices.

How to build a sex dungeon

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  1. Many BDSM enthusiasts who decide to build their own home dungeon will simply buy the equipment they need from reputable sellers, but another option to consider if you are on a tight budget is the option of using everyday items in your BDSM activities. After all, the BDSM dungeon is more of a concept for a place for consensual play; it is not an area to detain and torture unwilling participants like in the Middle Ages, although you may wish to adopt that theme in your decor.

  2. Blue, greens, and purple may be a subtler color for your playroom. You may wish to add visually striking elements such as stocks or a rack to lend an ominous feel.

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