Help lost tampon during sex

Make sure to feel around the internal folds and do a thorough search before you decide all is well. First, make sure your hands are thoroughly washed before you try to remove anything because this will stop any outside bacteria from entering your vagina. Reasons for this may include: Once you have located it, use your finger and thumb to grab onto it and pull it out. The cord that usually stays outside of the body can get drawn in, making it difficult to remove the tampon.

Help lost tampon during sex

How to Know if You Have a Lost Tampon If you are not sure if you have left a tampon inside of you, you can do your own investigating to see if anything is inside of your vagina. If you have tried to remove it but failed, you should consult a health professional as soon as possible. This might help push the object down. If you suspect that you may have toxic shock syndrome it is important to seek medical care immediately. I thought I needed a shower, so I took one. Never try to remove an object with another object. What do you mean there's something in there? That was when, on a hunch, I asked if he would dive in and check it out for me. Signs that you may have a retained object in your vagina include: Removing a foreign body or tampon You should not attempt to remove a large, delicate or fragile object because you may damage your vagina. I now have compassion and empathy for people who find themselves in similar situations; I am also grateful that my outcome was not as bad or scary as it could have been. You could damage yourself or develop an infection. When a woman forgets to take a tampon out at the end of her period, it can again turn sideways and become lodged at the top of the vagina, next to the cervix. It is sometimes easier for another person to remove a tampon than it is to do yourself. The first sign that something was wrong was the weirdly watery discharge. But everything else felt fine. Sit on a toilet with your feet resting on something that is about 30 centimetres high and push as if you are trying to have a bowel movement or pushing out a baby. Toxic Shock Syndrome The tampon itself can also not cause any damage to the vagina or cervix. Try to feel the area at the top of your vagina because this is where items like tampons often get stuck. Do not attempt to remove an object or tampon if you have any of these symptoms. It had been jammed all the way against my cervix, balled-up — likely from the force of his penis during sex. Tampon remnants left behind can lead to a serious infection and must be removed. In these cases, the tampon can turn sideways so the string gets drawn in and it becomes difficult to remove. If a fragile object breaks, do not try to remove it any further — go to your nearest emergency department immediately. The next indication that there might be a problem was the smell: Although it is possible for a tampon string to get drawn into the vagina, it is still often possible to feel the tampon, grasp it, and remove it. Bearing down will help ease it into a more easy-to-reach position.

Help lost tampon during sex

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  1. Pretend you are giving birth or having a bowel movement. I was incredibly lucky that I didn't have any symptoms of toxic shock syndrome TSS , which can happen when a tampon is left in too long.

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