Hand around throat sex

Instead, I've done stuff where I'll grab onto a forearm, and as long as I maintain the same pressure, we keep going. Asker We've done spooning as well And what exactly do you consider pinning down? I'm looking for total newbie resources for how we can both get the choking dynamic without putting my health in danger but I'm not really sure what to search for. But it is much, much safer than what you are doing now. Reply Asker I don't know, it's just different. Play with the mouth or chin in a rough, suggestive fashion. Safewords are pretty easy to handle. However, at least you know it can be done relatively safely, in this particular manner.

Hand around throat sex

Even then, it does not matter if you are not comfortable. I kind of feel like you aren't moving too much during sex anyway, and realistically all he's doing is getting more leverage to be able to thrust better instead of choking you. Frankly, that should be your guide and not what you read in books. Whatever you're playing with has to be managed all the time by your partner and has to un-choke as soon as it is released. Any personal anecdotes are welcome as well as blogs or sites or whatever. He's written about breath control play. Instead, I've done stuff where I'll grab onto a forearm, and as long as I maintain the same pressure, we keep going. No correspondence takes place. No need to bring trust into the discussion cause that's not what it is about. But it is much, much safer than what you are doing now. So unless fantasy nonconsent is specifically what you want, your safe words should be every word in any language you understand that means stop, or no, or slow down. Nothing wrong with him doing it other than you don't like it which he should respect. Like I said, he should have eased you into it better instead of jumping the gun, but you'd benefit as well by really thinking about how dangerous what he's doing is, you know? If I actually pass out that's kind of too late so how do I find the "line"? He is on top of me if that is what you mean Nuqood Precisely. If I loosen my grip or start gripping harder, that's an immediate stop. I have to ask, though, when you guys are having sex, does he not pin you against the bed in missionary position I'm assuming that's all you'll allow? As a person with years of medical education and experience, I know of no way whatsoever that either suffocation or strangulation can be done in a way that does not intrinsically put the recipient at risk of cardiac arrest. Schwartz and Mental Help Net disclaim any and all merchantability or warranty of fitness for a particular purpose or liability in connection with the use or misuse of this service. You just gotta explain it to him just like you explained it here. If you lose consciousness, your arm will collapse and your partner will know to back off. Finally, safe words are good for one thing, and one thing only - consensual nonconsent, or basically, rape play. You hold a little bell or sound-making article in your hand, and if you ring it or drop it, that counts as saying your safeword. I personally grab a woman's throat and choke her, grab her hair and pull her head back, shove her face into the mattress and spank her arse, pull her arms back and pin her against the mattress, and do all other kinds of dom stuff. Pro doms are there to dom, not to jack off at least, at first , and constantly check on the wellbeing of the sub. If you want to get a choking feeling without risking your life, try a gag. Do not stop your medication or change the dose of your medication without first consulting with your physician.

Hand around throat sex

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  1. Instead, I've done stuff where I'll grab onto a forearm, and as long as I maintain the same pressure, we keep going. One thing I will say is that it is much harder to fuck up if the bottom is holding their breath voluntarily.

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