Curiosity of premarital sex

Many youths have engaged themselves in premarital sex as a result of curiosity. The participants had begun to have some form of sexual activities. Engaging in premarital sex brings a lot of trouble. Breaking the cycle of Sexually Transmitted Infections. We live in a corrupt society where people do not see anything bad in ungodliness they do not see premarital sex as sin; they see it as a normal thing. The strategies to prediction crimes commitment.

Curiosity of premarital sex

Young people are adventurous and would like to experience something new. Since parents have refused to educate their children on the subject and the church is not forth coming with anything meaningful, the youth have resorted to any information they can get from anywhere either wrong or right. Females believe that in the case of lack of emotional support from father, the girl will accept any type of emotional behavior from boys and also accept his request for sexual relationship. Some satanic authors are in town destroying the youths, they write some sexual stories, books and magazines, they bring out many pictures that stimulate the youth to think about sex always. It seems that when a couple is in love, sex is one way of expressing their love to each other and the sex that occurs is not equated with condoms or other forms of protection. Data credibility was reassured with long-lasting involvement 16 months with the participants and in the process of data collection. It can result in sexually transmitted diseases. Lack of good sex education has led many youth into premarital sex, some went into it not knowing what they were doing. Some of the participants referred to the importance of parental roles in maturing and nurturing children's personality. One of the functions of family is socialization of children. The participants frequently mentioned the problem of youths wanting to satisfy their economic needs. But eventually, rates of premarital sex are somewhat lower in college students, involving about 77 percent of male students and 64 percent of female students Zelnick et al. In this research study, the actions and functions of family in shaping premarital sexual relations among youth are discussed. Risk taking behaviors among adolescents: Statistical center of Iran; Family is an important environment that is associated with a range of social and emotional behaviors of children. Forced premarital lovemaking will lead to mental depression and dilemma. It seems that in this way, their needs will be satisfied in a false and immediate way. Adolescents tell us why teens have oral sex. Premarital sexual experiences, many a times, leads to the misconception that sex is to be enjoyed at whatever ways possible. Some men do mount pressure physically on their partners while some ladies mount pressure on their partners by dressing carelessly exposing their nakedness to seduce men. There was an equal distribution of women and men; moreover, the researcher used different parks and gyms around the city to be able to choose people of different economic and social status. They had a chance to observe sexual interactions among their peers and the circumstances which were impossible to be observed by the researchers. They can also be more independent. Research studies have reported that risky sexual behaviors have been observed among the young people of the country. A year-old female stated: We found our potential key informants one male and three females after interviewing 10 individuals.

Curiosity of premarital sex

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  1. Goldestein M, Heaven PC. This happens mainly in girls, but they attempt to have sexual relationship with boys mainly to not to lose the relationship.

  2. They said such behaviors have changed the boys as an unknown creature for them and girls start having opposite sex friendships at younger ages to know boys better. Females believe that in the case of lack of emotional support from father, the girl will accept any type of emotional behavior from boys and also accept his request for sexual relationship.

  3. The key informants were trained to write field note and the reflective journal on a daily basis. In premarital sex, many a times, immature human beings explore the sexuality, jut out of curiosity, and might be are unaware of the consequences.

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