Chen sex photo

ORZ, is this idea too crazy? As soon as any such photograph appears, the mainland Chinese Internet police would be notified and they immediately ordered the website to take the photographs down. One of the women implicated, singer Gillian Chung, apologised last week for being "naive and silly" but did not confirm the photographs were authentic. Both companies have triad backgrounds. His video statement was released to the media last night as observers were predicting that complaints about indecent photographs on the internet would rise further because of what is being dubbed the "Edison Chen incident". Vancouver-born actor and singer Edison Chen admitted he took the racy photos seen on the internet and apologized for the controversy during a news conference in Hong Kong last year. Anyone who wants to do that should leave their name here Wife of singer, Nicholas Tse.

Chen sex photo

As a result, large numbers of curious netizens rushed over to HK Golden Forum to find the latest news and photographs. Posted by alvinology Feb 17, dirty old man 30 Sunday Times did a full page write-up about them today. That forum post did not contain any of the photographs, but people were posting the hyperlinks. This caused massive jams, delays and crashes. However, the Edison Chen photographs are posted in full at major Chinese website portals note: And now for a famous saying of the day: I urge you to help the victims and not make it any worse. But the story is not so straightforward, because of "one country, two systems. Feb 23, Star apologises over sex photos Edison Chen is to suspend his career "indefinitely" Actor and singer Edison Chen has apologised and promised to suspend his career in the aftermath of a sex photo scandal which has gripped China. February 24, Edison Chen arrives at B. A new website specifically directed against the Hong Kong police has more than photographs of nude artistes. That turned out not to be true. This affair is like the Article 23 episode. This was a 'tall building'' with more than 'floors', and it was deleted without even a hello! The main purpose is to protest the double standards in police actions, oppose the injustice of the judiciary and express dissatisfaction with the entertainment artistes. While the other large discussion forums such as Uwants and Discuss. Then the police announced that they had nailed the source of the photographs namely, the worker at the computer shop where Edison Chen took his pink Apple Powerbook for repair as well as his six friends who actually uploaded those photographs onto the Internet. This is too fucking harmonious and immoral. The person who resembled Gillian Chung was lying on a bed with her legs split apart and the man at the top left corner of the photograph resembled Edison Chen. They were published across the internet and could be found on China's most popular search engine, Baidu. I do not see the need for them to come to court," Mr Wong said. Story 2 was about the collaboration between Hong Kong and mainland police to hunt down the sources and distributors of these photographs on mainland China. Because the activity of posting pornography at these specialized websites is not against local laws. He appeared in the Infernal Affairs trilogy, which was later made into the Hollywood film The Departed.

Chen sex photo

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  1. Based upon my preliminary estimate, there are usually only several hundred people online at the HK Golden Forum. If photographs are sent to an email address, then this can be taken to be a friendly gesture to another person who has just reciprocated on an offer of friendship.

  2. As a result, large numbers of curious netizens rushed over to HK Golden Forum to find the latest news and photographs.

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